Preparing for Storm Damage

Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Preparing your home for storm damage is extremely important this time of the year as we are in the midst of hurricane season. The 2019 hurricane season is between May 20 to November 30, and in Atlanta, we are often faced with the heavy rains caused by these torrential storms. The water damage can completely destroy your home, and often, the strong winds will cause trees to fall and cause further damages.


How to Stay Safe During a Storm 

Whether you are staying home during the storm, or are ordered to evacuate, we have tips to keep you and your family safe during all stages of a storm. 

Staying at Home

  • Identify and stay inside the safest area of your home throughout the duration of the storm. If there is not a safe area in your home, find the nearest storm shelter.

  • Know the different health hazards and physical dangers that are associated with a flood

  • Keep enough non-perishable foods in your home to last at least a week

  • Have a first-aid kit, battery-powered radios, flashlights, and bottled water on hand 

  • In case of power outages, keep a fully charged cell phone and portable battery, and fill up bathtubs and sinks for extra water to flush toilets 

If Ordered to Evacuate

  • If an evacuation is ordered, you should listen to authorities and leave the premises to ensure the safety of you and your family

  • You should have an evacuation route ready and it should be known by your family and loved ones

  • Before leaving your home, unplug all appliances and electronics and move important belongings to elevated surfaces to reduce the risk of water damage

  • Turn off the water and electricity 

  • When leaving, fill up your car and pack first aid supplies and enough clothes to last at least a few days

What NOT to do During a Hurricane 

  • Do not use electrical equipment that has been affected by water - only use a phone if there is an emergency

  • Do not go outside, even if the the storm may appear to be dying down

  • Do not use candles during the storm because of the risk of causing a fire - use battery-powered flashlights instead

  • Do not walk or wade through waters that are higher than your knees - the water may hold contaminates like glass


What to do After a Storm?

If evacuated, you should not enter your home or property until it is fully cleared by a safety official. Once you have returned to your home, you should throw away all perishable foods and other items that have been contaminated. You should also continue to drink and cook with bottled water until pipelines and water systems are inspected. Additionally, you should also avoid using electrical items until inspected. 

After you start settling back into your home, you should begin the flood damage cleanup and restoration process. If standing water is remaining inside your home, you should extract immediately to prevent further damages.