Water Damage

Capital Restoration is a water damage restoration company in the Marietta, Atlanta, GA area. We are a IICRC-certified firm with 24/7 emergency response to water damage restoration calls. We are fast to respond and remove the water in your home or business and dry your property fast. We act fast because preventing mold growth is an essential part of the restoration process.

When dealing with water damage, the faster you can begin the restoration process the better chance you have of insurance covering the damage and you mitigate the issue from becoming larger.

Water Removal & Restoration

Water removal and water restoration can be a daunting process, especially after a major storm or plumbing break. Fortunately, Capital’s expert technicians are used to this. We can help with every step of the water removal and restoration process. We use the latest techniques and equipment to detect moisture behind walls and under floorboards, remove all water from your property, restore your property and possessions, and clean up any mold and mildew.

Water removal and water restoration are two different processes. The water removal process involves pumping water out of your property and extracting water from floorboards. Water restoration is the process of cleaning all of your property and replacing any damaged structures. Both are essential parts of getting your life back to normal.

water removal restoration

Prevent Mold Growth.

Act immediately.

Water Damage Removal Process

  • Immediately remove any potential salvageable items from the water damage area (clothes, furniture, electronics)

  • Call a professional restoration company to begin the restoration process immediately

  • Call your insurance agent to report the damage and potentially file a loss. Let them know you have professional help on the way.

  • The restoration company arrives and begins the water removal extraction

  • The restoration company will place the furniture on blocks and remove other contents from the affected water damage area

  • Remove any damage building material such as carpet, carpet pad, baseboard, etc.

  • Place drying equipment according to IICRC drying specifications to dry the home or business as quickly as possible

  • The restoration company tracks the drying progress daily, taking photos and documenting the moisture content of all wet areas

  • Once the area is dry, the drying equipment is removed

  • After the home or business is dry, Capital Restoration can repair your property after the water damage. We will arrive after your property had been dried to write you a repairs estimate and work with your insurance adjuster to agree on the scope of work and price.

98% of basements in the U.S. will experience some type of water damage during their lifespan
— Water Damage Defense

How To Spot Water Damage

There are many signs that can give you a clue if you have an ongoing water damage issue in your home or commercial office. Sometimes you begin to see signs of water on your ceiling, basement, walls or other locations. 

  • Water Accumulation - one of the easiest ways to spot water damage is with any standing or pooling water beginning to build up in your home. This could be from a faulty appliance line, toilets, leaky pipe or flooding from a storm.

  • Discoloration - when water begins accumulate above your ceiling, you may not be able to visibly see the water but you can begin to see the ceiling change color. The area may appear wet or dry and can be a yellow, brown or copper color. Walls may also have bubbling, cracking or peeling paint or wallpaper in addition to staining.

  • Changes in texture - water if let unattended will begin to cause additional damage, sometimes this isn't noticeable until there is visible changes in the material.

    • Buckling - your wood floors would begin having the edges rise up after the water seeps into the floor boards and the wood floor begins to soak in the water and causing damage the floor.

    • Sagging/Sinking - the water can get into the floor board and could cause your your hardwood floors to 'feel soft' and 'sag'. If you notice this in your home, call a water damage professional to evaluate the affected area.

    • Expansion - as the humidity is too high and/or the building materials absorbs too much water they can begin to separate. Two areas to keep an eye out for this is your wood floor and the casing around your doors and baseboards. Those are early signs you might have water damage.

  • Bubbling - water starts to pool in the ceiling or wall paper cause a 'pool' of water that is trapped.

Mold Damage as a Result of Water Damage

We all know that mold damage is a hazard health issue. But not all of us know how mold grows and how important a role water plays in mold growth. The truth is when you discover water damage in your home, you are one step away from also having mold damage in your home. Mold needs three things to grow;

  • Water

  • Food source - organic sources

  • Oxygen

You can have mold grow in your home after finding water damage within 24-48 hours. Capital Restoration responds fast to begin the water removal process. By responding fast, Capital Restoration minimizes the water damage while also reducing the chance of having mold damage in your home. 

Types of Water Damage

Category 1

category one water damage

Uncontaminated at it's source and poses no threat to people who come in contact with it. Example; water from sink overflow

Category 2

category two water damage

Could contain contaminants and could cause discomfort or illness to people who are exposed to it. Example; discharge from dishwasher.

Category 3

category three water damage

Contaminated water and could cause serious illness or death to people exposed to it. Example; sewage spills, flood water.


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