Fire Damage Restoration

A fire to your home and property does a lot of things, devastates you and your family, creates catastrophic damage that can take months to years to rebuild, your personal belongings are destroyed and smoke damage can have a lasting effect. Capital Restoration restores fire damage properties after fires in Atlanta, Marietta, Midtown and surrounding areas Georgia. We are your full-service turnkey solution for fire damage restoration projects.

Managing a fire damage restoration project is not easy and should only be reserved for certified professional restoration contractors. Capital Restoration is a IICRC Certified Firm. There are many aspects to repairing a home after a fire that can make it difficult for normal general contractors to rebuild your home without the experience of restoring home fires.

Benefits of hiring restoration contractor for your home fire:

  • Experience working alongside insurance

  • Ability to start a restoration project fast and immediately

  • Work with insurance on pre-approved pricing

  • Warranty already guaranteed with insurance

  • Experience removing smoke damage and smoke odor deodorization

  • Experience moving and cleaning personal belongings and contents

Home electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year, nearly than 500 deaths, more than 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion in property damage
— Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI)
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What To Do

After A Home Fire

Fire Restoration Services Process

  1. Securing the site - protect the fire site from any further damage by weather, theft or vandalism. Do not leave the site unsecured. A local restoration company can help board up windows and the roof to secure the scene.

  2. Contact your insurance agent - you will need to start the claim process and address your immediate needs. 'Loss of use' funds from your insurance policy will cover living and other daily expenses.

  3. Safety - stay out of fire damaged home until local fire authorities say it is safe to re-enter.

  4. Emergency items - if you need emergency housing, food, clothing, basic furniture, counseling for you or your children, you may contact the Red Cross, Salvation Army or your church.

  5. Possessions - if electricity is off, empty your refrigerators and freezers. Keep an inventory and if possible receipts of all items in your home so you can be reimbursed for them by your insurance company.

  6. Returning to your home - rebuilding your home after the fire can be a long and grueling process, be sure to hire a local professional fire restoration company familiar with house fires and working with insurance.

  7. Rebuilding Process - during this process you will need to keep track of all expenses to report to insurance. You will also want to be thorough and quick in all your material decisions for the rebuilding process. While some decisions in your home may be difficult to make, especially early in the process, the quicker you can provide these material selections, the faster the fire damage restoration project will be completed by the restoration company.

Fire Damaged Property

After a home and property has fire damage it’s important to hire a professional to make sure the restoration work is completed correctly and you don’t incur more headaches than when you started. There are a lot of specific circumstances that any handyman or general contractor won’t have the experience dealing with. For example, getting the smoke odor out of the walls, studs, carpet, furniture and more. Not only that, smoke soot and odor get into places you never dream of like your wall outlet sockets, an experienced fire restoration professional will know these things and how to properly remediate them. For more information on your homeowners insurance and fire damage read what Allstate has to say.