Fire Damage Marietta GA

The aftermath of a fire can be quite devastating. After the fire truck leaves, your property will likely to suffer not only from smoke damage but additional damage caused due to water. According to the latest data from the National Fire Protection Association, a structural fire is reported every 65 seconds. When the alarm sounds, emergency departments, and fire restorative teams are immediately dispatched to overcome the situation. If you are wondering whom to call for help in fire damage situation in Marietta GA, a professional fire damage restoration company is the answer.

In case your home has been damaged by fire, it's crucial to hire expert smoke and fire damage restoration services as soon as possible. The longer you wait to address the damages, the more repairs you will need, which increases your expenses. You can easily avoid the increase in cost by making fire damage restoration a priority. 

fire damage marietta ga

Reasons You Need a Fire Restoration Company in Marietta, GA

With changing temperatures throughout the United States, the lack of moisture in the air and soil continue to lead to a drier climate, which can be more susceptible to fires. A fire disaster can leave you in a state of confusion and helplessness, and you might not know how to deal with it.

Here are the top three reasons why you must hire a professional fire restoration company:

1. Smoke and Flames

In a fire incident, flames can pose serious dangers as it can spread rapidly throughout your home. Flames consist of carbon dioxide and carbon mono oxide, both of which are harmful to human health. Moreover, smoke inhalation can also have a detrimental impact on health and prove to be fatal in many cases.

2. Soot

Soot is whatever residue left by incomplete burning materials. After the smoke has been cleared, soot can cause additional damage to your home. It can penetrate porous surfaces such as cabinets, drywall, and also cling to clothes and furnishings. A trained fire restoration professional will have the proper safety material and equipment to clean and recover your personal items.

3. Water

Water damage after a fire is the most important reason why you need to hire professional fire restoration services. The firefighters use water to extinguish a fire, which means that it is likely that you have standing water inside the home. This water needs to be removed quickly to prevent it from causing extra damage to your property.

4. Ensure Complete Efforts

Repairing the property which has been damaged by a fire takes a lot more than just a simple cleaning process. It is often a large-scale renovation, and there are aspects which are exclusive to fire damage restoration process. You might need to dispose of many of your items. Moreover, you will probably have to deal with the effects of fire and water damage. By working with experts, you can ensure that nothing was overlooked and every single issue is addressed efficiently and correctly.

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Contact Fire Damage Restorative Services

After the firefighters extinguish the flames, the outcome usually is excessive water in your home. This accumulated water could do extensive damage to your home, which is why procuring fire damage restoration services is extremely important. Restoration is best left to the professionals as it can be virtually impossible to fix the issues by taking a DIY-route.

This is the most vital step – find a fire damage restoration company in Marietta, GA who can evaluate the damage and give you an estimate on cost and begin the clean-up process. For a proper clean-up, it’s essential to enlist the help of a licensed and insured fire damage restorative company in Marietta GA. They are trained to handle any damage done to your property.

The fire restoration services include:

  • Emergency services – onsite and responding within hours

  • Quick damage assessment, pre-testing, and estimates

  • Emergency board-up and structural stabilization.

  • Environmental-friendly methods to clean soot and any other residues

  • Removing smoke odor

  • Water extraction

  • Fire damage repairs

Why You Need Professional Mitigation and Remediation

Water in the home can lead to different issues. You might be dealing with a weakened floorboard or mold growth under different appliances. It’s critical to call a fire damage restoration company immediately after a fire incident. The key reason you need to use these services is that they can initiate the drying process rapidly and prevent further damage.

Last, but not least, hiring a professional restorative company will offer detail-oriented services necessary to reverse and eliminate the damage. Getting your home back in good shape following a fire can be extremely stressful. However, calling the fire damage restoration company will alleviate stress and ensure that your property is restored quickly.