Emergency Response Program

Having a disaster recovery plan in place and a partnership with Capital Restoration can have a very positive impact on recovery.  Immediate response to a natural disaster or catastrophic event is critical in maintaining business continuity.  Capital Restoration offers a complimentary priority response plan we call Emergency Response Program (ERP). 

Capital’s ERP was developed to assist organizations to prepare for and respond should the un-thinkable occur.  This allows you to have pre-determined pricing and terms before disaster strikes.  This program also allows Capital to get familiar with your facility and tailor a pre-incident plan right for you and your facilities.  Partnering with Capital Restoration allows you access to a team of experienced professionals to help you plan, anticipate and respond quickly and effectively. Don’t let disaster take you by surprise.  Schedule an appointment for your free evaluation.

Benefits of ERP:

  • Thorough site survey and evaluation
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Response
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority response over non-ERP clients
  • Pre-established pricing schedule
  • Pre-negotiated signed agreement